The Family Bundle - 14 x 50g
The Family Bundle - 14 x 50g

The Family Bundle - 14 x 50g

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  • Description
  • Having a variety of flavour on hand is always a good idea. Especially when you have a family to feed who get sick of the same meals on repeat!

    You'll get 14 x 50g packs with this bundle! Perfect for families or friends wanting to bulk up and save.


    Locally owned in Cairns, Queensland, Australia
  • Includes
  • 2 x The Foodie Bundles. Each pack below contains about 6 tablespoons:

    1. Everything x 2
    2. Italian x 2
    3. Oriental x 2
    4. Moroccan x 2
    5. Lemon Herb x 2
    6. Peri Peri x 2 (1 mild, 1 spicy)
    7. Mexican x 2 (1 mild, 1 spicy)
  • Features
  • Not your average blends!


    • 100% natural + PURE quality ingredients
    • No preservatives, no added sugar, no fillers
    • Reduced salt
    • Finely ground spices which provide more flavour
    • Variety of flavours to choose from
    • 50g size
    • Resealable pouch to prolong freshness


    • Quality flavours that taste great
    • Healthier blends - 100% natural, no fillers
    • Suitable for everyday cooking
    • Quick and easy to flavour up every meal
    • Saves cooking time - no need to open multiple spices and ready for instant use
    • Complete blends - minimal ingredients required to cook meals
    • Lots of recipes to choose from on our website

    Save yourself time and money, we've done the hard work for you!

  • Environment
  • One Tree Planted with every online purchase!

    Just Flavour donates $1 with every online purchase to help plant more trees around the world. Let's help restore and preserve our planet! 🌏

    View our progress HERE

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