peri peri smothered roast chicken recipe with just flavour

Peri Peri Smothered Roast Chicken⁠

Switch up your next roast with our peri peri smothered roast chicken 😍⁠

We love buying roasts because there are many ways to create meals from the leftovers (if there's any left 😆) not to mention, they are also cheaper by the kilo 👍🏽⁠

For a couple, we would get about 6 serves from a 2.3kg roast chicken. First meal would be served with a side of roast veg 🥔⁠ The leftover chicken can be used for wraps, sandwiches or added to salads for lunches 👌🏽 and saves you from buying food to-go! 🙌🏽⁠

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