oriental spiced steamed rice asian recipe

How to cook rice.. the Oriental way!

How to measure water for rice.. with your finger 😯⁠
⁠..it's a thing!! 🤣⁠

⁠No joke! My filipino mum taught my brothers and I growing up, to measure the water with your finger 🤔⁠ All you need to do is pour your rice into a cooker or pot and level it out.👇🏽 Place your index finger on the surface of the rice and pour in the water until it measures to your first knuckle and cook..⁠

Don't ask me how or why, but it works!⁠ Every, single, time 🤣⁠ We flavoured it up using Just Flavour's Oriental seasoning too 😍⁠ Try it at home, you'll be surprised!! 😆✌🏽⁠

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