Easy Chicken Rice Paper Rolls

chicken lunch oriental rice paper rolls snack summer

Looking for a fresh, healthy and delicious lunch or snack idea? These easy chicken rice paper rolls are a fantastic recipe! 👌🏽

I created these with what I found in the fridge / pantry, a great way to ensure nothing goes to waste in your fridge.

I used rice paper wraps from an Asian grocer which are smaller than the supermarket variety in Australia. Either way, you can pack them with a variety of fillings, flavours or switch up your protein 😍

I seasoned chicken breast with Just Flavour's signature Oriental, our first Asian inspired blend.

We created this flavour with a combination of coriander, ginger, lemongrass powder (12%), garlic, Himalayan salt, mild chilli, galangal and turmeric, that's it!

Our blends are created without additives or anti-caking agents, no added sugar and reduced salt, for a healthier, happier you!


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