image of homemade rice paper rolls recipe using just flavour oriental seasoning and chicken filled with fresh salad ingredients served with spicy peri peri aioli great for lunch or snacks for the summer

Easy Chicken Rice Paper Rolls

Looking for a fresh, healthy and delicious lunch or snack idea? These easy chicken rice paper rolls are a fantastic recipe! 👌🏽

I created these with what I found in the fridge / pantry, a great way to ensure nothing goes to waste in your fridge.

I used rice paper wraps from an Asian grocer which are smaller than the supermarket variety in Australia. Either way, you can pack them with a variety of fillings, flavours or switch up your protein 😍

I seasoned chicken breast with Just Flavour's signature Oriental, our first Asian inspired blend.

We created this flavour with a combination of coriander, ginger, lemongrass powder (12%), garlic, Himalayan salt, mild chilli, galangal and turmeric, that's it!

Our blends are created without additives or anti-caking agents, no added sugar and reduced salt, for a healthier, happier you!

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