moroccan veggie sausage rolls recipe with just flavour seasoning

Moroccan Veggie 'Sausage' Rolls

Australia day snack idea 🇦🇺⁠ Although sausage rolls originated in Britain or France.. who knows! 😅⁠ Anyway, aussies certainly love a sausage roll and we've created an easy Moroccan Veggie version 😍⁠

This recipe features chickpeas, sweet potato, zucchini, spring onions, Danish fetta, eggs and Just Flavour's all natural, Moroccan seasoning, for our vegetarian lovers.

Our 'Everything' and Italian seasoning both work fantastic with this too. We even tried Moroccan and Italian together and it was delish!

If you're after a meat version, check out our Moroccan Pork Sausage Roll recipe ✌🏽

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